Camera Lucida

Project “ Camera Lucida”

“Effects” in black and white

  • The individual human and national-human transformation that the First World War drew upon itself is incontrovertible. From the denial of the past and the shift to a new form of art (see the Dadaist Movement), to the fierce industrialization of those years, the effects of the war changed the human perception, bringing it into a new era.
  •  From our point of view, those who are far from this event, but what draws us through stories, photographs, written memos, easily accessible, remains as a common denominator, besides belligerent events, no less important, the image of a photo black and white.
  • Each military, returning from war, seeing himself in a normal way, far from the horrors of the war, regardless of the social blanket he was part of, was displayed in the military uniform. The honor of fighting with comrades, for his people, becomes a common denominator, a blazon, inaccessible to those left behind.
  • The black-and-white photographs of those times, in which the normal fit of the military uniform was a condition of immortal success in a familiar setting, the village, or the improvised studio, became the common denominator, the immutable memory of the times.
  • The representation in jewelery of military affairs and black and white images of those times was a real challenge for me.