Rakurra spicey brecelet 7

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Ceramic, Silver


Each piece is unique and cannot be reproduced.
Ceramics are an object that can break, so we recommend, for the good preservation of our jewelry, to avoid mechanical shocks, the use of corrosive substances, solvents or household detergents.Because the jewelry we create is made exclusively by hand, they can have small defects, which do not affect the integrity of the object.
The rings have an adjustable size from no. 9 to 17.
The bracelets are adjustable in size.
For every piece of jewelry that has a silver frame,we recommend using only cloths for cleaning your silver jewelry. so we recommend that, during their storage, they be kept in the original packaging.
Silver is a soft metal that works over time. There is a possibility that small scratches may appear on the surface of the jewelry or even a change in color (a process called oxidation). Upon request, we offer refreshment and re-polishing services for your jewelry.