Silver ring with natural Rutile

710,00 lei

Lost memory

The framing of rutile as a primary mineral element in the trunk of the pyramid leads to the vein discovered in the ground cut together for extraction. Next to it are elements from the first pictographic writing that lead to the certification of the human presence.


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Garnet, Silver


Somewhere in the memory and character of man are relics of creativity and the character of our descendants. This ancestral character is often brought to the surface by our involuntary actions, but also by the current discoveries that bring to light the continuity relations of inventiveness, creation and beliefs between ancestors and us. We seldom let the mind conceive of this connection. All we have to do is erase this opacity and open our eyes to these ancient cultures that have only prepared the “new man” for current achievements.

The sacred symbols or the first pictographic writing thus become the bridge of understanding the testamentary faith and creation.